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Education.  Space . Community

Our Values as an organisation are the foundation of how we support you to live a kickass life.


Education is at the heart of everything we do. By connecting women with up to date information and research on their health, well-being and lifestyle we can support you to take charge of managing your symptoms, navigating your experiences and making the best decisions for your body and life. Through regular website updates, guest posts and multi-media content we support you to become the expert on your own body.


Safe spaces, both digitally and physically are essential to ensuring that women can discuss difficult topics, explore services and products and meet professionals that can positively support their journey and well-being. Through events, multimedia, 1-2-1’s and online groups we’re working on providing women with the space they need to explore the topics and conversations which mean the most to them.


Connecting women who share similar lived experiences, fears, hope and dreams enables you to build a community that you feel safe within. It empowers you to share knowledge, resources and advice on how to manage the most difficult parts of your reproductive journey and how to live the life you really want. It makes us more visible collectively and reduces the stigma around ‘women’s issues’ which often leave us feeling isolated and alone.

There is power in your story and strength in your voice.We don’t need to edit that in order to validate your experiences. We’re working on providing you with the digital and physical space to share your story and lived experiences with others because life is better when we understand each other.



We want to invite you join us on our awesome journey of growth we’ll commit to help you towards becoming the woman you want to be by supporting you to take care of the most important person in your life.


(Because we’re all everyday superheros)

* cape not included *

Education .  Space . Community