International Day of the Girl Child

Posted by: Saschan Fearon

Take Care of Your Inner Girl Child

In celebration of International Day of the Girl Child, embrace your inner girl child and BE everything that your 13 year old self was.

BEinspired – watch the video of Keisha Thompson’s ‘Yet’ poem being recited by girls from all around the world. Unlock the power of your inner girl child and write a few lines about what it means to you to be a girl

BEbeautiful – make a natural face mask and get your best friend round for an evening of pampering to a soundtrack of music and films from your childhood years

BEfocused – spend 20 minutes reflecting on your goals – how they’ve evolved as you’ve grown into a woman and how you plan to achieve your current objectives using the wisdom you’ve gained along the way

BEnourished – make a healthy version of a childhood favourite – fruit ice lollies, fresh strawberry and oat milkshakes, a peanut butter and blueberry open sandwich – the possibilities are endless…

BEconnected – join the movement for girls’ rights

BEintimate – call someone who made a significant impact on your childhood and thank them for helping you grow into the woman you are now

Yet, by Keisha Thompson

Because I am a girl you might think that you know me

You might think of a certain colour

Of a certain history

You might think of a certain fashion

Or a certain role in society

But so much is changing

All that is certain is you haven’t seen the best of me

Right now the number of female world leaders

Has doubled since 2005

Right now there are more of us standing as CEOs

Than the world has ever seen

Times are changing and you

Haven’t seen the best of us yet

But right now 65 million of us still have stolen dreams

Right now 65 million of us could be left behind

With no access to education

Trapped by narrow expectations

If you deny us the chance to learn now

You deny us our potential and our history

I am the strength of Malala and Maya Angelou

What makes you think I am not equal to you?

I can be the head of a family, a community, a company, a country

I can be a leader

Until my sisters are free then I am not free

Because justice shouldn’t feel like luck

Like we are short straws to be plucked

Justice should feel like everyone is standing up

Waiting for us to take the next step

Because you still haven’t seen the best of us yet

Share your Inner Girl Child inspiration with us!

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