| Welcome to The Womb Room |

Posted by: Saschan Fearon


I need some inspiration

As I sit here reaching out into a sea of hope and determination

We are not…

Women of today, tomorrow

We are always

Like a phoenix, risen from the ashes of past struggle

We rise. To stand

Regal, Royal, Majestic and Grand

We are the forces of nature

We create the future today

As I say little

I introduce my thought

But still it seems I need to say more

More to show you the faith we hold

More to show you the fire in our souls

We do not wear crowns of rubies and gold

No jewels adorn us

Yet still you know

The wealth of a true queen rests in her soul

Not the green paper which blows in the wind

The face of our empire dances and sings

The body of our world struggles and toils

Working hard – even when it fails

The voice of our Queendom speaks no words

Everyone knows this land is hers

The pulse of our purpose seeps through the earth

Its home is in me

In you

In her

The melody of our existence is not composed by man

It’s a vibrational blessing only we can

Place in our hearts

Giving us reason

Our journey through life to our garden of Eden

Unless we push ourselves beyond what we’ve achieved

Our most precious gifts we will never truly see

It is not the car we will drive

Or the place we’ll reside

The life we could carry

Or the being by our side

It’s the secret hope and glowing strength- that hides

The real place in which a Queen abides

Our courage is not found in our shouts and our screams

It’s found in our whispers, our walk, in the seams

Of the very Queendom in which we reside

The purpose of our journey

The majesty in our stride

They say that beauty is only skin deep

But reaching out it’s not beauty I see

There are some things beyond what words can express

Beauty as a word means nothing less

Yet beauty is too simple a word to define

The women who grace this Goddesses shrine

To everything Powerful



Standing strong in the winds which lap at our souls

What my heart wants to say and my soul wants to show

Are words that only the tested will know

How to express the emotion we feel inside

Queen cannot express the force of our pride


I guess all that is left to say is Welcome

To the heart of our community


Because now you are part of a true Royal Family

Welcome to The Womb Room


We want you to BEinspired to continue on your reproductive health journey safe in the knowledge that we are dedicated to supporting women everywhere to live a fabulous life.

We will teach you to BEnourished from your womb to your soul. Supporting you to take trials and tribulation, diagnosis and disappointments in your stride.

We can encourage you to BEactive. To seek new opportunities to use move your body in new ways and to access the information you need to self advocate.

We will enable you to explore new ways to  BEintimate with yourself, with lovers, with your health and well being.

We aim to bring you opportunities to BEconnected with other women. To share experiences, advice and information and to make new memories.

Empowering you to BEbeautiful in uncommon ways. To notice the strength you posses and get your glow back when your reproductive journey feels dark.

We’re confident we can help you on your journey. Why not bring a friend along for the ride?

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