Thankful For Good Friendships

Saschan Fearon  |  11th Jan 2017


Today is International Thank You Day. What better time is there to be thankful for good friendships!

Secondary School was a time of discovery. Adolescence is always filled with hormones, friendship and testing boundaries. Its the time we get to in life where we think we’re grown and years later we look back thankful for hindsight. For many of us secondary school is a massive learning curve. It helps to determine who you want to be and who you want to travel with on your journey.

Of all of my secondary school friends Ade and Feyi have been the most constant. We don’t live in each others pockets but I never feel as if the quality of our friendship is weakened by long periods without communication. Which is exactly how a friendship should be.

If I need guidance, or grace, they are there. If I need a view from outside the box, or some neutrality they’re on hand. In most situations Ade is my Switzerland and that is one of the things I love about her the most. Her ability to try and see all aspects of a situation without bias is not something I am always blessed with. I love Feyi’s unapologetic honesty, even though sometimes she’s telling me what I don’t want to hear!

Be Accountable

Friendship is about more than having a shoulder to lean on. It is about accountability, If we never have anyone in our lives to hold us to account for our actions or words then we can never truly grow. I love that even when I don’t want them too my friends hold me accountable for all that I do and say.  Whether we are right or wrong, friendships should force us to be accountable for our actions. They are the best example of how positive relationships should help us to grow into better versions of ourselves.


I am thankful for the ambition of others and the way it inspires me to work harder and be better, to live simpler and love more. Strong female friends are a formidable force of nature and a true testament to the beauty of womanhood and friendship.

 Aim to surround yourself with people who compliment your plan for growth. People who are ambitious, kind, caring, truthful, and beautiful. They are your League of Extraordinary Super Womb-en! They will nurture your spirit. They will encourage you to blossom daily into a strong, inspirational woman who radiates love.

Thank you to everyone, who has helped me, everyone who has nourished, and supported me throughout my life, old friends and new ones.

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