Non-Toxic Baking Soda Beauty Tips

Saschan Fearon  |  17th Oct 2016

11 Ways to Use Baking Soda to Boost Your Outer Glow

This week is National Baking Week and whilst most people’s minds will default directly to delicious cakes, breads and pastries, we will be starting the week focusing on one of the unsung heroes of your baking cupboard.

Baking Soda (a.k.a bicarbonate of soda) is most commonly known as a leavening agent, which helps baked goods rise by expanding the air bubbles created from beating and stirring. However, it also has a multitude of uses around the home and as part of your beauty regime.

We have compiled a list of the 11 best ways that you can use baking soda to boost your outer glow.

Oral Care

  1. Freshen breath

To neutralise any lingering odours, rinse your mouth using a quick and easy mouthwash made by combining a teaspoon of baking soda with a small glass of water.

  1. Polish teeth

Once a month, give your usual toothpaste an extra boost by adding a sprinkle of baking soda to your toothbrush.

  1. To freshen tools

Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a jug of water and use it as a soak to freshen tools such as mouth-guards, retainers and dentures.

Skin and Hair care

  1. Exfoliate

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage in to skin using circular motions before rinsing to expose soft, refreshed skin.

  1. Bath Soak

Add a couple of tablespoons  to your bath to soothe and soften skin. Boost the impact by adding some to our Homemade Oat Bath Pod.

  1. Foot Soak

Similar to the bath soak, but at a higher concentration. Add a couple of tablespoons to a small bowl to relieve tired feet. Add some epsom salts and peppermint oil (or a peppermint teabag if that’s all you have to hand) for the ultimate soothing experience.

  1. Fight dandruff

Replace your usual shampoo with baking soda for a couple of weeks to improve dandruff. Simply massage into your damp hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly. Finish off with an apple cider rinse for revitalised hair – we will be posting a recipe for a homemade rinse later this week.


Personal Hygiene

  1. Remove residue

Dissolve a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in a jug of water and use to soak combs and brushes. The solution will naturally strip residue and build-up from the hair tools, leaving them as good as new.

  1. Neutralise odours

Remove strong, lingering scents that soap doesn’t rid of, such as garlic, by rubbing baking soda over damp hands and rinsing.

Irritation relief

  1. Skin irritation relief

Baking soda can be used to relieve such skin irritations as insect bites, poison ivy and chafing. Create a paste by adding a few drops of water to a teaspoon of it and spread over the affected area to soothe.

  1. Heartburn relief

Baking soda has natural antacid properties. Mix half a teaspoon with a glass of water for effective relief.

As National Baking Week continues, and because our minds also defaulted directly to cake, look out for our delicious chocolate avocado cake recipe, coming in a few days.

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