1950’s Campaign

In 2013 we featured the stories of 8 women with with different reproductive health experiences. The common thread? They were all in their early 20’s. We wanted to highlight the fact that representations of reproductive health issues from miscarriage to PCOS need to include the voices of younger women. We held a 1950’s themed lingerie shoot at the Le Keux Vintage Salon in Birmingham with styling by the inimitable Nathan Klein and featuring lingerie from Parisian designer Fifi Chachnil whose clothing has previously been worn by Rihanna for GQ magazine.

Understanding your reproductive health is incredibly important, because the decisions we make today have a huge impact on the life we live tomorrow. If a young woman learns about her reproductive health she’s armed with that knowledge forever; it will influence all the choices she makes through adolescence and beyond. It can also be life saving in terms of detecting symptoms early.