Chemical Free Avocado Face Mask

Saschan Fearon  |  2nd Jan 2017

Still got those puffy eyes from 2 nights ago? need to get refreshed and rejuvenated in time for your return to work or daily duties tomorrow? We’ve got the perfect home made face mask to help keep your reproductive health and skin happy! Avocado’s are high in omegas and essential fatty acids and they can help to cool and soften the skin.

What You’ll Need

1 Avocado
2 tbsp Raw organic honey
1 tsp of organic lemon


  • Mash or blend your avocado in a small bowl until it’s smooth
  • Add the raw organic honey and lemon to your avocado
  • Leave the mixture to chill in the fridge for 15 minutes
  • Get painting your face with the lovely mixture! let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then wash off gently with warm water.
  • Dab your face dry with a soft towel!

If you’ve got any face paste left over then wrap it and put it in the fridge. Use within 3 days

Let us know how refreshed you feel! and share this recipe with some other lovely ladies in your life!