Feeling Salty

Saschan Fearon  |  19th Mar 2017

It’s here again! Another Sunday is upon us and with the often dreaded Monday just 1 sleep away it’s time for some…s s s s self luuurrvvveee!  I swear that as you get older time passes by quicker and the days seem to never have enough hours for adequate self care, work and household stuff AND actual quality sleep. I think it’s super important to ensure we encompass a little self care into our everyday lives. If you’re suffering with a chronic or debilitating reproductive disease this can seem difficult at the best of times let alone on days with flare ups.

Some days that little act of self care will just be making the bed or prepping your meal for the day because that’s self care too, maintaining some form of routine counts as self care even though it might not seem like it. I like too take each Sunday for a little self love because why not? If I don’t love me then it’ll be left to my 3 cats and I’m pretty sure they’re only in it for the food and the bed.

So each Sunday I’ll be bringing you some self love ideas, use them, abuse them, preferably don’t lose them because who knows, Sophia who lives at number 46 might appreciate them (spread the word), whatever you choose to do try to set some time aside once a week to just indulge yourself! Being a Virgo I function best with order and routine so I like to stick to Sundays as my self love day wherever possible and I try not to sacrifice more than 2 Self Love Sunday’s a month because life is short and I deserve it and so do you.

Caution: Fly Girl Swimming

Water Anyone?

It’s national Salt Awareness week and being a mermaid I thought it was fitting to delve into a little salt water self care this weekend. I love a bath, maybe it’s the mermaid in my sign but I can’t get enough of a good long hot bath. Any variation of a bath is good for me… salt water, flowers, cucumbers, lemons, oils, pats, you name it, if it’s in a bath I’m most likely here for it, even spiders because it makes them easier to catch.

This week is my second Sunday since my surgery which fell on International Women’s day  and the first day that I’ve actually been able to enjoy (within reason) a proper bath. Now I don’t know about you but I like my men bath long, hot steamy and deep, so I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t fully revel in the glory of a good soak due to my scars still healing and the fact that my stitches aren’t actually supposed to dissolve in 1 sitting.

Dissolve the salts in a bath of 37-39°C. Relax and soak for 20 minutes or longer if you’re a water lover like me and find yourself refilling the tub with hot water every 30 minutes for hours on end as you try to convince yourself you’re finally turning into the mermaid you are at heart.  If you just want to maintain generally healthy skin and wellbeing add ½ – 1 cup (approx 100g-250g) to your bath. To help soften and soothe dry, itchy skin go BIG and use 500g-1Kg that’s what I like to do Go Big or Go Shower!

I filled my bath about half way just enough to gently wash over my abdomen and cleanse the wounds but not enough to let them start to prune up and go all weird and weepy (an unfortunate by product of surgery when it comes to  bath time). I used a combination of Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan salt in the bath ( roughly 500g of each) which I put in just as the water starts to go in. This gives the salts a little time to swirl and dissolve a bit.

Splashy Splashy

What is it Good For?

I love salt baths, I find them great for the skin, super useful when exfoliating and cleansing due to the antibacterial nature of the salt. They’re also really good for helping to relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow and toxin expulsion from the body.

Himalayan Salt Benefits

  • An excellent natural detoxifier for the body.
  • With over 80 Minerals.
  • For Smooth, Radiant, Healthy looking Skin.
  • Naturally detoxifying, rich in essential skin minerals.

Dead Sea Salt Benefits

  • Softens and Soothes Dry, Itchy Skin.
  • Supports Natural Skin Healing.
  • Suitable for use on skin prone to Eczema, Acne & Psoriasis.
  • Naturally rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium.

I use Westlab salts you can find them on line and in some stores like Asda, Boots, Home Bargains (if you live a little further north!).

I’m Warm & Wet What Now?

Light some candles  or incense (actually I should have said light some candles before you got in the bath)  sit back and just let the water wash over you. Set your intentions for the week ahead, let o of whatever was bothering you from the week you are leaving behind and get ready to slay this week like your name’s Excalibur!

Let me know how you get on! Feel free to tweet and message me @thewombroom on Instagram and twitter with your self love practices using the #selflovesundays