Are You Ok?

Saschan Fearon  |  10th Nov 2016

Are you ok?

Some days I want to just set these words on fire. To erase them from the vocabulary of everyone around me.  We’re so conditioned to responding with a half-hearted attempt at an upbeat ‘yeah I’m fine’ or ‘I’m OK, I’m good, thanks’. Trying to mask how we’re really feeling deep down inside. Who knew 3 single syllable words could wreak such havoc?

Are you OK?

Why is it so difficult to just say No?

No, I’m not OK.

The sadness, the pain, the upset, the hurt, the grief we are feeling. Whatever it is that is seeping from our spirit has already trickled into the aura of whoever is asking us. The question is just them seeking reassurance that the emotion that has started to run into the colours of their life is from you. Most of us are so far removed from our connection with the world, one another, our own spirit and energetic vibrations that we have to seek reassurance when our energies connect with those of around us. We have to question if we’re imagining it or not. Call it intuition or energy, a rose is still a rose right?

I often wonder, if we were more in tune, more interconnected with our bodies, our energy and the world around us, perhaps we would ask fewer questions and construct more statements. Maybe we’d be able to admit how we really feel instead of politely declining to discuss the emotions lapping against the shores of our mind. Rising up in a swell of *insert your emotion here* before dragging us back to the reality of everyday life.

A change of conversation

Maybe that’s what we need. A change. Instead of asking one another how we we feel perhaps we should start the conversation by telling one another what we’re feeling. What if we explored the energy we felt we were receiving from someone instead. Maybe conversations about our emotions would be more honest.

I sense you are *Insert emotion here* today.

You appear *insert emotion here*.

Yes, I am. 

Thank you for not asking me if I’m OK. I find it difficult to truly be honest when I’m asked this. I suppose it’s a bit of that British stiff upper lip – “ooh emotions let’s not discuss those sullied things” and a gallon of West Indian resilience – just get on with it!

So No I’m not f*****g OK. OK?

We’re always trying to ensure we listen to the voices of the women around us. What questions annoy you?