Love & Psychics

Saschan Fearon  |  2nd Feb 2017

In December’s Lessons From My Life post I wrote about beauty and good vibrations and over the past few days it has led me to think about love and what it means to be a couple and how we define a  “power couple”.

A Man Named Paul

I recently visited a “psychic”, and I use the term loosely because her “psychic” abilities were as good as my wall papering skills, and I can tell you my friends that I cannot wall paper to save my life. Alas I digress, the “psychic” told me that I would meet a man name Paul within the next few months, and he will be the man I marry. Now just for a moment let me clarify, I do believe that some people are gifted with psychic abilities and have the power of sight which stretches beyond what the human eye can see. However I am not gullible enough to believe every person who comes along claiming they have psychic abilities is actually psychic. Anyway she went on at great length about Paul and his kind heart and good work ethic and wonderful nature. In her words he’s not an old fart! (lucky me eh?!) The problem with me and Paul (other than the fact that I don’t know him) is that I don’t believe we are destined to be together.

Let’s Stay Together

I believe that we have soul mates, I don’t believe that they are always the person we choose to enter into a relationship with. For me I feel that my soul mate is my mom. She understands me in a way that nobody else does, and not even in a mother-daughter way. Her in depth knowledge of every fine detail, down to the number of birth marks I have, and being able to predict the array of emotions I will explore over the next 7 days is uncanny. The bond that we share transcends the average mother-daughter relationship. I love her, yes, but I would not just be lost without her, I would feel incomplete.

I previously wrote “You know that glow that 2 people have when they are truly in love? The one that makes them shine and their feet no longer touch the ground when they walk they begin to float around? That is the power of 2 good vibrations right there. The power and strength that radiates outwards from the love that is shared and the marrying of good vibrations is what makes a real power couple. Not money, or diamonds, fast cars and their combined net worth and influence on global markets.”

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