National Blog Posting Month Check Out Our Top Picks

Saschan Fearon  |  1st Aug 2017

It’s August and this month is National Blog Posting Month so throughout the next few weeks we aim to bring you great posts on a range of topics every single day!

From our superfood feature, how to get involved with the new WombRoom blog and website, and our top pick of the best blogs for women on their reproductive journey! So add us to your favourites, put us in your RSS feed as we’ll be keeping you update on the latest blogging news and info this month.

To get us started here are our top 3 Favourite blogs

The Broken Brown Egg

We love this blog, it provides an honest, open and faithful journey of infertility and reproductive health problems within the African American community! It really does put fertility into perspective. The honesty and the ability of the author to openly share her infertility journey with her readers. Take a peek, it will move you, inspire you and force you too look at fertility in a new light!

 The Two Week Wait

“After 3 years of unprotected sex, 3 failed inseminations and 2 failed In Vitros, I’m finally a new mom after my 3rd IVF. What started as a series of 2 week waits in between ovulation and waiting to see if I was pregnant has become a series of 2 week waits in between paediatrician visits. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant or a new mom, please laugh along with me while we deal with the business of getting knocked up despite the universe’s efforts to knock us down”

This blog is funny, witty and shockingly honest. It doesn’t need words from us to convince you! Go read it for yourself!!

Got a favourite blog you’d like us to feature? Why not let us know! We love suggestions!