Professional Training

Our experienced & skilled team deliver training to a wide range of educators and professionals at locations across the UK.

Whether you’re a teacher or a social worker we can deliver training to suit your organisations needs and improve your practice.

We specialise in providing training in:

  • Reproductive & Menstrual well-being
  • Sex, Relationships, Informed consent
  • Health and Well-being

Topics: Menstrual Health & Hygiene training for professionals, Body Literacy, No More Taboos- Reducing Stigma & Shame in professional settings, Self Advocacy as Self Care- How to Empower & safeguard Women, Girls & Menstruators.

Ideal for: Teachers, teaching assistants, social workers, and educators who want to develop their confidence, knowledge and understanding of how best to deliver Sexual, Reproductive and Menstrual well-being education and access high quality resources to support this.

Delivery Time: 0.5- 1 Day per course

* All sessions can be structured to accommodate your staff training schedules if delivered in house

According to the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations four in five teachers said they did not feel adequately trained and confident to broach sensitive topics with pupils, while half admitted sexual and reproductive health is “difficult to discuss

Discover how to change conversations in your classroom

Discover how to change conversations in your classroom

We support your staff to promote self advocacy and individual empowerment around health, well-being and informed consent