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Our workshops are an opportunity to engage young people in thinking critically about a range of SRE topics from puberty to contraceptive choices. We provide the space to explore single topics in detail giving young people the chance to address taboos, critically assess shame and stigma associated with sexual and reproductive well-being and redefine what these issues mean to them.

We facilitate educational workshops on a range of topics including puberty, menstruation and sexual health.

Resources: games, small group work, reflective exercises, short video, questions and answers.

Outcomes: By the end of a one-off education session young people will:

  • Know where to access information and support on the topic and understand their right to access confidential support services.
  • Be able to think critically about personal and social values and beliefs linked to the topic.
  • Be motivated and inspired to challenge beliefs or practices that they think are wrong, unfair or unequal in relation to the topic.
  • Be able to identify what is important to them in relation to the topic.
  • Be curious to find out more about the topic or general sexual health and well-being.

Delivery Time: 50 minutes (average lesson time) but this can be amended based upon off timetable days, numbers of workshops being delivered per day and organisational need.

The environment we learn in influences how we engage with learning that’s why we like to establish a relaxed and informal atmosphere for learners while still delivering a focused and thought provoking programme.

~ Saschan Fearon-Josephs


Body Literacy

Our Body Literacy programme cover involves 6 weeks of interactive learning, discussion and exploration about reproductive health and well-being. Over 6 sessions learner will explore and improve their understanding and critical thinking regarding a range of topics from puberty to consent and self advocacy

Ideal for: Girls, Guys and menstruators aged 14-21

Outcomes: By the end of our programme young people will:

  • Be able to find, assess and use information about reproductive and menstrual health and well-being and the conditions associated with this.
  • Be able to self advocate concerning issues relating to their health and well-being to a variety of professionals
  • Understand the importance of listening and learning from shared and lived experiences of peers
  • Be actively engaged in understanding and managing different elements of reproductive and menstrual well-being
  • Have strengthened emotional resilience
  • Have an improved sense of self esteem, confidence and mental well-being
  • Understand how to access and engage with a variety of health and relationship services

Delivery Time: 6 X 50 minute sessions (average lesson time) once a week but this can be amended based upon off timetable days, numbers of workshops being delivered per day and organisational need

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