For Parents

The well-being of our children is a universal concern and learning to self advocate for your health is an essential life skill.

What’s taught in the classroom should be reinforced at home in order to ensure long term understanding and continued support throughout a young persons development. Puberty is different for everyone and for many young people starting your period is often a life changing event we think it’s important to start the conversation early so that you and your child feel empowered by making space for curious conversations. Periods will usually start  around 12 but some sometimes they can come a little earlier (even as young as eight!). We want young people to feel confident enough to advocate for themselves and their bodies, curious enough to ask questions and conscious of the choices they consent to regarding their well-being.

We deliver workshops, parents evenings, and events to help equip parents and care-givers with upto date knowledge and resources to support and safeguard your children by understanding how to provide safe spaces for open discussion and learning in your home free of shame, stigma and taboo.

We work with schools to provide workshops and education to young people. If you’d like to encourage your school to facilitate education around puberty, self esteem, reproductive well-being and self advocacy you can do this by contacting us or recommending our site to your child’s teacher.

Education & Learning

Parents & Carers

Parents & Carers

Well-being education should be a joint effort. We facilitate workshops to help parents and care-givers to create safe spaces for discussion & learning

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Workshops & Programmes

Workshops & Programmes

Our workshops are an opportunity to engage young people in thinking critically about a range of SRE topics from puberty to contraceptive choices.

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