Kimya N. Dennis

Advisory Panel Member

Kimya N. Dennis is a Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Studies, and Coordinator of Criminal Studies, Salem College who addresses demographic and cultural variance in reproductive choices, challenging pronatalism, mental health, suicide, and criminal justice processes. Kimya conducted the first known study solely of childfree-by-choice people of immediate African descent (62 respondents; 6 countries; 59 women, 3 men).

Kimya also created and teaches the first known course about childfree-by-choice. Kimya was part of 2017 The NotMom Summit Breakfast Symposium and Childfree Tribes within a Tribe; has been featured on websites for childfree author Laura S. Carroll, childfree sociologist Dr. Amy Blackstone, and Childfree African; and interviewed for documentaries by Therese Shechter and Maxine Trump. She is Associate Professor and the creator and Coordinator of the Criminal Studies program in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Studies at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Salem College is the oldest, continually operating women’s college in the United States of America.


“Being Black, a Woman, and Childfree: The Intersection of Race and Gender,” Association of Black SociologistsOctober 2014.

Discusses the preliminary findings of ongoing study of childfree people of the African diaspora. Interviews have been conducted on 54 childfree women of the African diaspora and 3 childfree men of the African diaspora in the U.S.A., Africa, and Europe.