There’s A Deeper Complexity To Invisible Illness

Saschan Fearon  |  28th Mar 2017

I was casually strolling though Facebook … as you do when you’re procrastinating trying to convince yourself you’re working and I stumbled across this poem by Akeilah Bennett. The poem isn’t about reproductive health but as I read through each line it really struck a chord with me. It was everything I’ve been trying to explain to people around me who just don’t understand that invisible illness doesn’t fit into the archetypal box of disability in the way we’re socialised to think about it. Infertility and reproductive diseases don’t exist within the liner and social boundaries that we try to squeeze women’s bodies into. They’re more complex than that. Akeilah kindly agreed to let me share her work with you (thank you!). I hope you enjoy it snuggle bugs!

It’s confusing to you because we are not what is portrayed on tv. 
We speak
We smile
We laugh
We function. 
There is a deeper complexity.

There are days we can smile through the bullshit, put on that ‘happy’ hat and fit your definition of normality but it’s not everyday.

The sleepless nights, anxiety, loneliness, self doubt amongst all the other internal struggles make everyday painful but still we rise.

Stop telling us it’ll be okay.

Don’t try to relate to us with sad stories. Our misery does not want your company

Stop telling us to be strong
When all we want to do 
Is let our weakness seep through
Be vulnerable 
And rebuild 
Without feeling guilty for how you feel about our sadness. 
Stop talking.

Just be there.


Poem By Akeilah Bennett


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