Watch These Women Discover What Their Vagina’s Really Look Like

Saschan Fearon  |  31st Jan 2017

We love to give you some good love vibes on a Tuesday and we found the perfect video by Layla Martin who is hailed by Women’s Health magazine as the ‘ Headmistress of Pleasure’. Layla is committed to showing women everywhere how to live a life more connected with their intimate self and full of pleasure.

This video shows the reaction that women had to seeing their vagina’s up close and personal in all their glory. It explores the range of emotions and feelings some of us go through when we compare our bodies to the women we see in magazines, on television and in porn. All of your body is perfect just as it is and we encourage you to learn to love all of yourself.

When you realign the space between what you think the ideal body should look like and the reality of how wonderful your body truly is you’ll find some peace and happiness!