Winter Checklist

Saschan Fearon  |  30th Sep 2016

Although it may seem like it’s only just left us, winter is once again on its way. As the dark nights and mornings draw in, it may seem all doom and gloom. However, winter can also be the perfect time to reset your body clock and establish a firmer routine after a summer of holidays, festivals and beer gardens.

We have compiled a checklist of the key things that you can tick off to ensure that your transition into the colder months is as seamless as possible, leaving you fighting fit for all the winter delights that the season has to offer.

Skin and haircare

    • Upgrade your moisturiser to a thicker, richer formula which will form a more protective barrier against the cold air.
    • Transition to hair products which moisturise your scalp, which will be drier during the winter months.
  • Incorporate more oils into your skin and haircare routines – use a face oil to trap in extra moisture, coconut oil on your dry knees and elbows and as a weekly hair mask.

Health and Fitness

Make sure your outdoor fitness gear has reflective patches so that you stand out even in the dark.

    • Try something new – if you usually work out outdoors, whilst the darker and colder conditions are not so inviting, get involved in a new activity. Attend an uplifting dance class or follow tutorials online from your living room. If you still prefer to be outdoors, Netball season is across winter and is held on floodlit courts. Search online for teams near you and rope your friends in too for some nostalgic fun.
    • Stock up on immune boosting vitamins and minerals such as echinacea and vitamin C to protect yourself against those inevitable lurgies being passed around.
    • Find alternative ways to keep your diet as multicoloured as possible. The summer heat makes you more likely to crave nourishing salads, crudites and berries, whereas in winter we tend to default to beige comfort food. Redefine comfort food by whipping up warming soups, casseroles and stir fries which boost your energy and lift your mood by keeping that rainbow on your plate.


    • A sturdy pair of water resistant boots with a decent grip are essential
    • At least 2 chunky knits that you can pull on with anything
    • Tights, preferably woolly but most importantly a comfy fit
    • A good quality, well fitting winter coat is always worth investing in
  • Accessories – hunt out the perfect gloves, a scarf and a hat or earmuffs to protect your extremities