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GREAT WORK! Thank you so much for providing us with a safe space to learn, educate & encourage! There is nothing else like it for us. We are ignorant about our bodies

- Tanya

Bringing people together to talk about issues that are seen as taboo/ stigmatised in a safe environment. I thought the event was insightful and I loved the diversity of women in the room

- Krystal

This is important work because so many of us deal with things and feel alone. This is a good space to highlight reproductive issues and produce solutions

- Renée- Founder of Out The Box

I was at the last event (which I think was fab) and this time I’m really glad that there was a DR on the panel because I’ve learnt so much about my own reproductive health from Dr Lola’s input

- Krystal

Women need more spaces like this to speak openly about their reproductive health

- Horcelie Sinda- HIV/AIDS Campaigner

No other spaces similar that recognise the importance of reproductive health education and the importance of its intersection with other areas of our lives

- Mairi

These events educate us on knowing more about the unknown factors of womanhood and reproductive health

- Cheyenne Saby- Founder of Let's Talk Gynae

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