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The Womb Room works with you to improve the way your teams understand each other. 

In order to encourage a healthy workplace, organisations need to look beyond sickness absence rates alone and develop a solid, evidence-based understanding of the underlying causes of work-related stress and unhealthy behaviour like presenteeism.

~ Rachel Suff- Senior Employment Relations Adviser at CIPD

We support you to make your business more inclusive, productive and attractive to a diverse range of talent.

The Womb Room works in collaboration with organisations and educators to engage people in normalising reproductive well-being issues. Supporting women to work in environments where they can truly be themselves through increased awareness and strategic support.

We work with a team of expert practitioners from doctors and educators to HR professionals we can help bring transformative change to your life or your organisation whether you are an individual, a school or a FTSE 500 business we have the knowledge and resources to support you to build a better future for the next generation.

In order to create a more equal world it’s important for organisations to take steps to reduce the shame and stigma often associated with menstruation.

Whether you are an individual looking for information and community; a parent seeking advice and resources; a partner looking for ways to support the person you love; or a business who recognises the value in providing equitable working environments for your teams, we have something for you.

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Bukky Balogun

MA Human Resource Management (CIPD Associate)

I collaborate with companies, from startups to large organisations to improve working envrionments.

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