Revolutionising working environments for women & business

Through training and tailored wellness days we can show anyone from team leaders to top-level executives how employee well-being is impacting your business; how health and well-being support is perceived by your teams and support you to improve your companies culture. More than just the numbers, our work focuses on the people who keep the lights on. We don’t believe in doing things by halves. Companies should have insight into the challenges employees face; barriers to good health and well-being and the ways in which these impact people’s working lives in order to truly improve performance and drive change in business.

We Specialise in:

  • Making women’s health accessible at work
  • Reproductive Health for Managers & Operations Professionals
  • Improving workplace culture to improve productivity
  • Developing & Implementing reproductive well-being policy
  • Recruitment, retention and absence management

The Legacy Commitment

Assisting companies to change the future for women and girls across the UK and throughout the world.

Through a comprehensive range of events and training we equip you with the knowledge and resources to implement change and help you bring greater economic and social benefits to your business and the people who keep it going. When you work with us you won’t just be investing in women in your company you’ll also be changing the world for a generation of young women who could be looking at you as a future employer. Through our legacy commitment we reinvest a percentage of our profits into health education & enterprise programmes for girls. The best part? You could have the opportunity to select the school or organisation you want to fund and we provide you with an impact report on how many young women your investment impacted and give you insights into your future talent pipeline.

Who said we can’t have it all?

Welcome To The Workplace Revolution

Welcome To The Workplace Revolution

Supporting you to understand the well-being needs of your employees to help them live better, work better and achieve more.