1-2-1 Work & Pupil Premium Learners

We’re all unique and we think that should be embraced and reflected in our education delivery.

We recognise that for some learners a full classroom environment might not be the best place to delve into conversations about periods, puberty and all the nitty gritty bodily functions that we’re frequently told are taboo. That’s why we offer 1-2-1 and dedicated group programmes for those on Pupil Premium or those who just need a little more support to manage their health, understand their mental, emotional and menstrual well-being and emerge from their shell a self advocating learner.

Resources: games, small group work, reflective exercises, personal development planning.

Outcomes: By the end of our programme young people will:

  • Be able to find, assess and use information about health and well-being and other issues affecting their lives.
  • Be able to self advocate concerning issues relating to their health and well-being
  • Actively listen and learn from shared and lived experiences
  • Be actively engaged in improving their own health and well-being
  • Have strengthened emotional resilience
  • Have an improved sense of self esteem, confidence and mental well-being
  • Understand how to access and engage with a variety of health and relationship services

Who: Schools, colleges, PRU’s, YOI’s,

Our individuality should be reflected in our education

Our individuality should be reflected in our education

Learn how we can work with you and your students to provide health and enterprise education that is inclusive and diverse