Parents & Carers

Facilitating reproductive and menstrual well-being should be a joint effort

What’s taught in the classroom should be reinforced at home in order to ensure long term understanding and continued support throughout a young persons development which is why we facilitate workshops and parents evenings to help equip parents and care-givers with the knowledge and resources to support and safeguard your children by understanding how to provide safe spaces for open discussion and learning in your home.

We deliver workshops and events for parents and carers across the UK. This can be done in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends, family members or other parents or a neutral venue. Alternatively you can check to see if we’re running workshops in your area through our Journal to find upcoming events in your area or get in touch to request some.


  • Tackling Taboos – Taking the shame out of conversations
  • Puberty, Periods & Reproductive well-being
  • My daughter has endo- What Next? (this can also be facilitated on fibroids, PCOS)
  • Menstrual Well-being for dads

Ideal for: Parents, Foster carers, Care givers at parents evenings, open evenings, coffee mornings

Delivery Time: 1 -2 hours upto 1 whole day

All sessions can be structured to accommodate your organisational/ individual needs

If we truly want to raise a generation of future leaders we need to empower them from the inside out

~ Saschan Fearon-Josephs, Director of The Womb Room

Find out how we are supporting parents

Find out how we are supporting parents

Self-Advocacy is a life skill. We are on a mission to encourage a generation of young women to feel confident enough to seek the support they need. We think that starts with you