Little Egg

Saschan Fearon  |  3rd Nov 2016

Hello Little Egg…

Sometimes I want to tell you I love you but you’re not here. Sometimes I want to reach out and hold your hand but I do not know who you are. The way in which I love you scares me at times, the way my heart flutters every time you call me without knowing. The butterflies I get each time I think about the possibilities, the possibility of me and you, of what our life together could be like. Do you think about it too? Do you dream about our life together little egg?

I look at each person I pass and think that once they were all little eggs too. Just like you they were incomplete parts of a whole. Huddled together, formed from just a few cells, the magic of a little math, a lot of biology and a bit of chemistry turned their solo conversation into a beautiful life.

I meet many people while I wait for you, I look for you in their faces, Brown hair, Light eyes, Pink lips, Chocolate skin, what will you look like? I look at small children holding their parents’ hands, smiling on swings and round abouts, walking, crawling, learning. One day that will be you I say, One day that will be me.

We will always be enough for each other, me and you holding hands, creating smiles and new memories. I cannot wait to hold your little hands and kiss your little feet, to run my fingers along the trail of your tears and to kiss away your doubts and fears.

You are the right hand of my inner deity. You blossom day by day within my heart, gracefully unravelling within your derelict home. You are the house that love built from within a garden of turmoil and strength. One day you will be joined Little Egg, by other little eggs, you may not be my little egg but you have always been mine Little Egg.

And so I love you, and I will continue to love you until I meet you, and when I meet you I will fall in love with you…my Little Egg.

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