A Time To Spa

Saschan Fearon  |  25th Feb 2017

This weekend I visited a spa and had a full body aromatherapy massage.

First of all I would like to say it was absolutely amazing!!! and i would recommend anyone to go and have one especially if you are feeling stressed out and need to relax.

A Lesson Learnt

The moral of this story is that the massage taught me some  new things about the way my body is working. The wonderful young woman who performed my massage shared with me that she cannot have children, and I was shocked to see how many women I have come across since founding The Womb Room who are actually affected by infertility and gynaecological problems. The masseuse told me that there are little lumps in my back which are a by product of my remaining ovary working too hard and pumping too many hormones into the body!!! I thought it was so amazing what you can learn from something so simple!! and i think that also answers the question WHY AM I SO EMOTIONAL ALL THE TIME LATELY???

So aside from a weekend of fun, relaxation and shopping with my wonderful friends It also became a weekend of learning, acceptance and understanding in many ways. It has made me even more determined to reach out to the women who need this service the most. The worst part of dealing with problems concerning your reproductive health is that you are often alone with no one to talk to.

The Dirty Words

In a society dominated by men for millions of years as women we have been forced to keep “women’s problems” to ourselves like a dirty secret we have swept them under the carpet and only addressed them in those silent moments when we are alone and we can no longer run or hide from how we are feeling. For years our silent tears and reflective moments have been our only forum to express how we are really feeling inside and for most of us the only place we really have to let out how we feel is in our minds, with ourselves for fear that no one else will understand, or should bear the burden of our emotional and psychological turmoil.

We want you to know that Tthe Womb Room is a safe place where you can come and share how you’re feeling without fear, without judgement and without a care in the world for how long you cry or what it is over. So come and share how you’re feeling it might just be the beginning of  the healing your body, mind and soul needs. And finally go get yourselves a full body massage, you deserve it now more than ever 😀

Stay Positive!

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