A Million Cats

Saschan Fearon  |  26th Mar 2017

Hey love bugs! Welcome back to your weekly instalment of self love practices. This Sunday we’re talking furry, fluffy, bald and beautiful and no it’s not your vagina! We’re talking about cats!

In case you didn’t already know I love cats. Cats are funny, clumsy, sneaky, loving, scheming, hungry, sleepy, playful, just all round wonderfully entertaining which is obviously why I have 3 and I try to lure and collect other cats which frequent my garden like Pokémon. Anywhooooo this week we’re talking cats, lots and lots of them.

My cousin bought me a super cool (is it still cool to say cool?) colouring book when she was on her travels called A Million Cats: Fabulous Feline’s to colour by Lulu Mayo. I genuinely can’t get enough of this colouring book. I love a little adult colouring it is an awesome way to just de-stress and refocus by actually not focusing on anything concrete except the mish-mash of colours that you’re putting together inside a bunch of curly swirly cat patterns and cute faces.

Take A Break… Colour a Cat

It’s like taking a brief mental holiday which starts with whatever wonderful destination picture you rest your eyes upon and can instantly become a world of warmth or rain or sweltering ocean. We’re adults now we don’t have to colour in between the lines, f*** the system! Maybe I want my cat to be a metaphor for the depth of emotion I’m currently experiencing, maybe I want it to look like a giant cat shaped ice cream sunday because I’m on my period and thinking about how I can get dessert delivered to my suburban prison home. Who knows?  Who Cares? I’m living wild and free armed with my Crayola pencils and a glass of sauvignon blanc, the world is my oyster.

Scientifically speaking there isn’t enough research to support colouring as qualifying as a type of therapy but I’m a big believer in engaging in practices and rituals which help you find peace and contentment in any healthy way that you can. So while colouring to help de-stress and re-focus might not officially be a therapy it can certainly be therapeutic and with all the fast paced drama of life it’s important that we find time to mentally unwind and try to disconnect from the factors which stress us out whenever we can and if you’re not a cat person that’s fine (but your friendship card might be revoked) there’s a million dogs to colour too!

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