Making Space For Growth

Saschan Fearon  |  7th Jan 2017

Your reproductive journey can often feel arduous and long. those duvet days when inflammation hits or a fluid filled cyst ruptures can emotionally and mentally set you back. When you’re several months into just trying to manage your day to day existence, when even getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge it can be difficult to see how you can continue to grow.

Bare necessities

Growth is an important part of life but it’s also an essential part of your reproductive life course. In order to kick start a positive change in your reproductive journey you should try and make space for continual growth. Whether that’s learning something new about managing your condition or finding space to make the small changes to your health and wellbeing that you feel you need, setting aside time to grow the woman you are can be a challenge.

As women we often carry a heavy load, we work, we bleed, we cry, we cook, we clean, we care, we share, we create, we strive and on top of that most of us are struggling silently each day with our reproductive health and fertility. the additional emotional burden this places upon us can be overwhelming. it’s essential for us take time to re focus, re energise and reorganise in order to keep our mental, physical and emotional health on track.

Self Love Sundays

We’re introducing Self Love Sundays as a way to help you set aside time to love yourself, learn about yourself and truly embrace the woman you are so you can develop the woman you want to be.

Self love Sundays are going to be your me time. Take a bath, make a face mask, go for a country stroll to clear your head and set your intentions for the week ahead. Each week we’ll be bringing you a some suggestions for a little slice of peace.

Tune in tomorrow for your Self Love suggestion and grow with us!