The Run Down- Volume 2

Saschan Fearon  |  27th May 2020

The Run Down 27th May

It’s that time again!

It’s volume 2 of the new and improved The Run Down- your bi-weekly brief on what lies beneath.

The Run Down is your digital care package bringing you a combination of podcasts, videos, events, recipes, research and a few surprises to help you manage your reproductive wellbeing from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Carefully curated by our founder Saschan Fearon Josephs who will be covering everything from endo to PCOS. So whether your periods are too hot, too cold or just right we’ll be delivering you a little pocket of support straight to your inbox.

Streamline your menstrual cycle

Your workplace might not be the only part of your life switching to streamlined working. With this handy breakdown of what’s in your period products you can make your period as agile as your working arrangements

This week your digital self care pack contains everything you need to know about keeping your period  and vagina toxic free! Yay!


The Week In Tweets

Somewhere around the world a vagina is bleeding and twitter has become the unofficial home of the world’s collective period related frustration from sassy tweets to thorough threads each week we go deep into the twittersphere to uncover the best bleeding tweets.

Head over to our instagram each Wednesday to uncover our faves.

Got some tweets you think need to be shared with the world drop us a DM or tag us on twitter and you might see them in next week’s feature.

This week the internet had questions and I really want to hear your answers.

week in tweets (2)

Rest and Reset

Even though many of us are at home were not all relaxed which is why my amazing friend Bukky is bringing you her inaugural meditation. You can find our more about Bukky’s work and read her top 5 tips for resetting your rest button here.


Also check out Bukky’s top tips for resetting and de-stressing!

  • Breathe through the bull. People and life will stress you but air is a magic tool gifted to help us get through. Try doing some deep breathing exercises using an app such as CALM to help bring down your stress levels when Sharon’s sending you an email asking for the report you already sent her 3 times. WOO SAAAHH 
  • Face your stressors. Letting things pile up means you’ll continue be in a space of unrest. Sit with yourself, delve into your subconscious, assess those things that are bothering you and face them in your own time. But definitely acknowledge them and don’t ignore them
  • Once you find your peace – where you can, distance yourself from people and things that cause you stress. Protect your peace at all cost.

If you missed the 1st installment of The Run Down you can check out some of the highlights here


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