Love & Endo

Saschan Fearon  |  10th Feb 2017

Love is ancient, it transcends all common ties and boundaries. It is a beautiful state of flux. It is truly the most vintage emotion. Love is one of the first emotions we learn to embrace and reciprocate. We guard it fiercely but even those of us who keep it under lock and key desire to give it freely,even after heart break.

Learn From The Past

My first true experience of being in love was challenging, demanding and inspiring. It was hard dealing with the conflicting emotions that existed within me after breaking up but I learned a lot about myself. Some things I would do differently if I could re-live those moments. I would stress less, relax more, and embrace spontaneity at every given opportunity. It takes the average person 1 year to truly get over the break down of a serious relationship. Giving yourself time to heal is valuable and important to embrace. Learn from the past but live in the present.

Set Your Intention

By loving yourself a little more and doing what makes you happy you can begin to set a new intention for your life. I have been daring and asked men out on dates, I have embarked upon a journey to health and fitness and have begun writing a book. Life is pretty delicious at the moment. Find what makes you happy and speak it into existence each day.

See Yourself

It can be easy to loose sight of who you are and what you really look like. We look in the mirror each day but how often do we every truly focus on seeing who we are? Sometimes it is useful to see ourselves through the eyes of those around us. Reflect on who you want to be and why then take the steps to become the person who will make you happy.

Live your Intention

Try to put aside space each day to live your intention. That might mean meditating or reading a book, baking a cake or just eating one! It is important that you make space in your life for the things which make you happy. Once you’ve welcomed them in you should start to see them coming towards you in abundance.

Take Your Time

There is no time frame, there is no distinct and conscientious plan. Take the time to fall in love with all the parts of yourself you can often loose throughout life. Be a little more daring, a lot more embracing and offer a truckload more love on a daily basis and, without sounding whimsical,  watch the universe return love to you!

Love is beautiful, prepare yourself for all of the time that it takes…


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