Beauty and Good Vibrations

Saschan Fearon  |  20th Dec 2016

Hello from The WombRoom HQ!

(By HQ I am simply referring to my wonderfully sumptuous king size bed,  which I fully intend to lounge around in all day! Although I will be writing posts, sending emails, arranging meetings and eating cake, oh! and a large amount of cherries!)

This week I have been thinking about cherries, their symbolism and beauty.

Symbols of womanhood and fertility can be found all around us, in architecture, in art but most frequently within nature. Often cherries are  used to symbolise fertility, rebirth and new beginnings. In Japan, where cherry blossoms are the national flower, the cherry represents beauty, courtesy and modesty.

The ancient Chinese regarded the fruit as a symbol of immortality.
One Chinese legend, tells of the goddess, Xi Wang Mu, in whose garden, “the cherries of immortality ripen,” every thousand years.

The Beauty Myth

I’m not sure about immortality but beauty, courtesy and modesty are all characteristics attributed to women throughout history. In a rather patriarchal and outdated manner they are still attributes that many women are labelled with today, and that many women still aspire to uphold. For me beauty is a quality not a physical feature, I truly believe that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. We often fall victim, as women, to believing that physical beauty defines us as individuals but also defines the qualities of others. Many of us want to be friends with “the beautiful people” because goods things happen to beautiful people. But how do you define beauty?

This Little Light of Mine…

For me beauty is like a vibrating light (bear with me here!). Imagine that from the moment of conception there exists within you a tiny vibrating seed of light. The light represents your health and the vibrations are the extent of your beauty. As you grow the light grows with you radiating outwards and as it does so it sends out tiny vibrations which radiate to the woman who is carrying your delicate life within her. Your tiny vibrations make her radient, feeding her own ball of light and extending her own vibrations. People around her comment on how glowing she looks, or how much she has blossomed since her pregnancy, and inside its your expanding seed of light which is feeding hers, your life is making her beautiful. And then you are born and your light continues to grow and vibrate outwards as you mature.

Now let’s skip a few years. You’re an adult, making your own choices, socially responsible I hope!, and each choice that you make changes your vibrations and alters the dimmer switch on your light. If you eat well, ensuring your body is nourished and maintained then your light will brighten, but if you don’t then it will grow a little dimmer as time passes by. In a similar way if you make positive choices, maintain a positive attitude and surround yourself with positive people at every opportunity then your vibrations will become stronger. They will extend themselves towards others, softening their miniscule negative vibrations or feeding their positive ones.

Good Vibrations

We feed our positive vibrations through “acts of beauty”. Helping a homeless person on the street, volunteering with fluffy kittens, making our partner or parent a cup of coffee in the morning because we know it gives them a good start to the day. Each positive action we commit to increases the strength of our vibrations. They do not have to be grand gestures of glitz and glamour, they can be the small things we do each day without thinking about which ease the lives of those around us or make them smile. Ultimately whenever we commit these acts of beauty we radiate a little more good energy. The most beautiful people are those who commit to making as many acts of beauty as possible within their lives. These acts serve to transform us into a giant vibrating force of positive energy within the world, and when we meet other people who are beautiful our vibrations connect, increasing in strength and power.

You are Beautiful

I believe that it is these acts of beauty which constitute whether you are truly beautiful. Not your ability to adhere to socially defined norms and media labels of attraction.  Having long flowing locks, big round eyes and being a size 10 makes you no more beautiful than choosing not to shave, having size 9 feet and drinking beer makes you a man (unless of course you are a man in which case please fill in an appropriate synonym of your choice). Our beauty is not defined by the way we look on the outside, it is defined by the way we look to others when our acts of beauty cause our vibrations to interact, revealing our true selves.

2 Become 1

Our vibrations also act as a magnet, like magnetic poles we attract other positive vibrations if we are ommiting them. Over time our vibrations lead us to love and happiness. They help us define the type of person we are and also the type of people we want to spend our lives with. You know that glow that 2 people have when they are truly in love? The one that makes them shine and their feet no longer touch the ground when they walk they begin to float around? That is the power of 2 good vibrations right there. The power and strength that radiates outwards from the love that is shared and the marrying of good vibrations is what makes a real power couple. Not money, or diamonds, fast cars and their combined net worth and influence on global markets.

Nothing Compares To You

Are you surrounded by the beautiful people? I am, I choose my friends carefully, I’m only ever friends with the beautiful people because we enrich one another’s lives. We feed off each others success and happiness, using it to boost our good vibrations, using it to radiate love, power and strength into the world. Everywhere we go, with everyone we meet we make a conscious effort to spread a few more good vibrations. If we’re all radiating positive vibrations then we all belong to the beautiful people’s club. It doesn’t have exclusive membership, its open to everyone. Each individual who is willing to commit to positive change and influence within their lives.

Here at The WombRoom we radiate nuclear power style good vibrations! Having enlightened you on my, perhaps, spiritual definition of beauty take a moment to stop and ask yourself: Can you feel the vibrations? In fact ask everyone you meet, and if they don’t know what you’re talking about send them here, hopefully it will make them a little more beautiful.  So enjoy the good musical vibration I’ve left for you below and go forth into the world and spread your good vibrations (no pun intended) you never know what they may bring your way!