For Partners

Reproductive & menstrual well-being issues don’t just affect us as individuals they also impact our relationships.

An often unspoken impact is the toll that conditions such as Endo and PCOS have on our bodies and our partners.

Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate our needs with one another. Some days it can bring us closer and some days it can drive us apart.  It’s important to remind ourselves that we are never a burden.  Our feelings are valid. Our partners need for self care is also valid. Our bodies do not have to define our relationships.

If you’re looking for some support or want to learn more about your partner’s condition you can check out our Journal to keep upto date with events and information.

There is no part of your life which your reproductive health condition doesn’t penetrate. It seeps into every facet of your lived experience. Its impact stretches beyond you and impacts those around you.